They marked the beginning and end of the workweek. No more.

Work-life balance. Work-life harmony. Work-life integration. Whatever you fancy calling it — it’s bullshit.

I should know because for a long time I believed I found that majestic equilibrium. But I was delusional.

For four years I researched, interviewed, read, wrote, and nerd-ed out about work. Namely looking to uncover the answer to the question, “What makes work a source of energy?”

I was obsessed, to say the least. And the book that I ended up writing, or that ended up writing me, became an instant bestseller in the, you guessed it, work-life balance category, Oh the irony!

Deep Work

This book completely transformed the way I work and would never have been able to finish a book, let alone a myriad of other things without cultivating this deep practice.

How to Do Nothing

What I learned from writing a post on Medium every day

You’re thinking — like for how long bro? One year?

No only one month I’m afraid.

I tell you, at times I was waiting for words to come that didn’t and in others, words flowed so freely I couldn’t type fast enough. Here’s what I learned in over the thirty days of June:


Constraints of any kind work wonders but when you want to get on with your day and take a hit-publish-mindset each day it feels different. That’s code-speak for you to start to give fewer shits about a lot of things.


I bought a book about time.

I didn’t have time to read it, so I gifted it to a friend.

One thing I do remember is the tendency for some folks to be present-oriented while others are more future-oriented. The former suffer from temporal myopia — the inability to consider long-term consequences of actions when making decisions.

The most famous example of this myopia is the Stanford marshmallow experiment. A kid chooses between an immediate reward (a marshmallow), or a bigger reward (two of these gooey delights) if they wait. You know the rest.

We live in a world of…

Musings on focus five years on…

I’ve been geeking out so hard on how to focus. It’s been challenging to find time to actually focus and write this. It seems implausible or impossible that I’ll ever hit send (now five years on). So this is more for me than you now.

Plus you’ve already got this shit figured out more than I. As one of my most expansive friends — here are some thoughts on how to focus in an ever distracting world.

Is there an App for that?

Headspace, Tomato Timer, MindZip, Blinkist, Pocket, Session Buddy — all have utility but won’t really do the trick in isolation. …

Feels like Mexico up in this joint.

And I live in Canada.

Global Climate Emergency? You betcha.

The above is from a man who coined cyberspace, envisioned glassholes long before they existed, and whose latest book is about — you guessed it — a pandemic. If there is anyone we should be listening to it’s the genius that is William Gibson:

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed

O.K. now that I got your attention I should add the caveat that I haven’t had a proper job in nearly 18 years. That’s another way of saying that the Friday Feeling feels a little different than I remember during employed life.

Living for the Weekend

Summer 2001. I remember this well. Friday at 3pmi-ish I’d get a surge of excitement for what’s to come — sun, surf, sangria, dancing, dog-walking, delicious tacos. There was serious mucking about. This was the California dream.

Working on the Weekend

Fall 2003. I had taken a £10,000 loan from Natwest (do not recommend that bank) and started my business. Not only…

What it takes to continually nourish yourself

I don’t know about you, but there are many things that help keep your tank full. Here is a list (of just some C’s) that I think can help do the trick.


Giving a shit about what you’re doing makes all the difference. Setting an intention when you aren’t really jazzed about what it is you are embarking upon may feel like pushing water uphill. As Will Durant paraphrased Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do.” So I gather it really does help to give some shits about what you’re doing.


Have these. Frequently. Often with people outside of your…

The first time the word cadence really struck me was at the local spin studio.

I was like, “Oh….like tempo — I see.”

It popped up again in coaching land when folks were talking about the time n between sessions.

Then riding my bike with a friend and I felt our pace as we climbed the hill.

And finally while running just now — then frantically sitting my butt down to write this with fingers tapping away — I see it as the rhythm that we sync to.

Making Space For Change

So here I am thinking about the cadence, tempo, pace, and rhythm…

I will go on a boat.

I will ride a bike.

I will make a bellow of laughter.

I will eat a banana.

I will befriend someone.

I will bop in the ocean.

I will bask in the sun.

I will blow out a candle.

And those are just the B’s.

What will you do?

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Jonas Altman

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