They marked the beginning and end of the workweek. No more.

Work-life balance. Work-life harmony. Work-life integration. Whatever you fancy calling it — it’s bullshit.

I should know because for a long time I believed I found that majestic equilibrium. But I was delusional.

For four years I researched, interviewed, read, wrote, and nerd-ed out about work. Namely looking to uncover the answer to the question, “What makes work a source of energy?”

I was obsessed, to say the least. And the book that I ended up writing, or that ended up writing me, became an instant bestseller in the, you guessed it, work-life balance category, Oh the irony!

The last while has upended how we view work and ourselves.

What’s been revealed is that how, where, when, and even why we work has shifted. Cracked open.

Together with a dream team of coaches and facilitators, we’re supporting people to reinvent not only how they work, but who they are so they can step into the shoes of whom they’re becoming. This professional development program is personal. Because the two are really just one and the same :)

What’s a Shaper?

If you’re seeking to sync with a rhythm of life that lights you up, express your highest self, lead a deep…

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Why everything changes when you see your work as a work in progress.

My parents took me to Ephesus as a kid, and although I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now — I recall that it was old. Epic. Awesome. And it was still there, after all these years.

Love is more important now than ever before

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Somewhere along our way to nirvana, we got terribly lost. We raped the sea of much of its life, stripped the land of its most precious resources, dumped our waste anywhere we could get away with it — and have now mined our minds to a psychological breaking point.

Our modern gilded age has resulted in rapid depletion of our planet’s biodiversity, warming the atmosphere beyond toastiness, an untenable explosion in our population, mounting racial divide, gender disparity, widespread unemployment, and soaring income inequality. …

The elephant in the room this year can only be summarized as the year itself. We’ve been trapped in order to help everyone keep safe. And as a result, everything has become more acute — including the coping mechanisms we employ to help us stay sane.

After some time, I found myself choosing to see things with rose-tinted glasses. This kind of outlook is part of my nature but also echos my love for Instagram filters. Trusty Claredon and Sierra help me magnify a moment. Mayfair helps quiet my mind. …

Ok, well it’s one way. And it’s called directness.

No matter your learning style — reader, writer, mover, visualizer, converser, or a blender of styles — having a direct application of your learning to your lived experience is a game-changer.

What is Directness?

When learning is intertwined with the given situation you want to use it in — it's direct. Think about when you're enmeshed in a relationship and you sync to the other person. If you consider your learning as your ‘partner’ then you’re going to want to ask him or her to have a dance.

The ways in which you can…

Do you know that feeling? You just came off a high-energy workout, or perhaps a welcomed getaway, or in my case a Creative Mornings FieldTrip.

Over 500 folks attended this online workshop from all over the world — from places I’ve been like Dallas, New York, and Berlin to places I’d like to go like Bucharest, Islamabad, and Melbourne.

The endorphins have released, oxytocin is pumping and dopamine is rushing through my body. I bask in the sensation.

As I’ve learned how to stack my triggers (more on that below) I do what I can to extend the ride just…

A Better Work Series: On Fulfilment

Forrest Gump had just hit theatres. The special brew of optimism captured by “Life is like a box of chocolates…” would ricochet around the world.

As a fresh-faced philosophy student, my cup wasn’t just half-full — it was spilling over. Plato’s Republic had struck a deep chord with me and I was a much bigger fan of Gumpism.

A Memo to Plato and His Gang

The port of Athens, with its colorful walks of life, was the perfect backdrop to waxing lyrical on the best way to live. Plato and his gang (Socrates, Glaucon, and co.) would cruise the buzzing streets of Piraeus intoxicated by the sights…

Reframe. Connect. Practice.

The summer solstice is a perfect time for you to explore, reflect and reconfigure your work.

Indeed, I believe it’s always a good time to reinvent how you work.

More than ever, we need to be discerning with our energy. And these are three tried and tested ways to help you flourish at work:

Reframe: See Your Work with New Eyes

At 22, working life seemed so exhilarating as I plunged into a job with people as passionate as I. The work itself was meh — but my enthusiasm saw me through. For a period.

At 27, I struck out on my own and mostly…

I wrote this four years ago but never hit publish.

That means it was nearly a decade ago that Ted Sarandos swaggered into the office of director David Fincher and placed $100 million on the table.

As Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Sarandos proposal would mean they would break with age-old industry tradition — forego a pilot for House of Cards and release all episodes at the same time. Fincher sealed the deal between Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

The convergence of telecommunications, information technology, media and entertainment (otherwise known as TIME) is the most poignant example of disparate industries colliding. …

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