The last while has upended how we view work and ourselves.

What’s been revealed is that how, where, when, and even why we work has shifted. Cracked open.

Together with a dream team of coaches and facilitators, we’re supporting people to reinvent not only how they work, but who they are so they can step into the shoes of whom they’re becoming. This professional development program is personal. Because the two are really just one and the same :)

What’s a Shaper?

If you’re seeking to sync with a rhythm of life that lights you up, express your highest self, lead a deep…

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Why everything changes when you see your work as a work in progress.

My parents took me to Ephesus as a kid, and although I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now — I recall that it was old. Epic. Awesome. And it was still there, after all these years.

Love is more important now than ever before

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Somewhere along our way to nirvana, we got terribly lost. We raped the sea of much of its life, stripped the land of its most precious resources, dumped our waste anywhere we could get away with it — and have now mined our minds to a psychological breaking point.

Our modern gilded age has resulted in rapid depletion of our planet’s biodiversity, warming the atmosphere beyond toastiness, an untenable explosion in our population, mounting racial divide, gender disparity, widespread unemployment, and soaring income inequality. …

The elephant in the room this year can only be summarized as the year itself. We’ve been trapped in order to help everyone keep safe. And as a result, everything has become more acute — including the coping mechanisms we employ to help us stay sane.

After some time, I found myself choosing to see things with rose-tinted glasses. This kind of outlook is part of my nature but also echos my love for Instagram filters. Trusty Claredon and Sierra help me magnify a moment. Mayfair helps quiet my mind. …


The world of work is unique to each person — you get the choice to reframe it in your brain. Do you enjoy what you do? Does it give you energy? Understand how to renew yourself as you move through the new world of work.


The relationships you have at work can determine the quality of your life. Bad bosses and best friends at the office can be a make or break for how you enjoy your days. Gain insights on how to shape these relationships where you can thrive.


When we look at the activities that make up working…

I look over at the books on my friend’s coffee table and there proudly stands, “The 5 AM Club’. Declaring how you can ‘crush’ your day by rising early, his girlfriend snaps, “It really works!”

I’m sure that it does. But personally, I have no desire to be awake, let alone doing squats, at such an ungodly hour. And it would seem that I’m not alone.

Many are rethinking personal productivity altogether. Like so many things productivity is relative. At one point in time, four hours of hunting was a good day’s work. …

Can you feel it? It’s discomforting. It’s annoying. It’s persistent. But what exactly is it?

Some call ‘it’ existential dread, others a modern malaise, still others — the dark night of the soul. Actually, I don’t know anyone who calls it the latter but it sounds pretty neat.

Whatever designation you give ‘it’ — suffering is likely. ‘It’ manifested from the demise of religious institutions, became accelerated through social media incessantly reminding us of what we don’t have, and has been compounded by our global pandemic.

Not always necessary, but often needed — ‘it’ can be that gift that leads…

Engagement beyond compliance

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Old ways of working were premised on a model that was fit for a mechanistic world. This time was relatively predictable. The shift we’re seeing is befitting to the human age we live in now. And you bet, it’s a crazy one.

While control styles of management yield compliance, emergent styles lead to engagement. Adapting to the unpredictable times we’re in means giving people more discretion over their experiences at work. This translates as trusting people to choose when, where, and how they get stuff done.

Initiatives that were once employed merely to pay lip service to personal and professional…

Why do you do what you do?

It’s clear that the pandemic year has upended how we view work and our place in it. The revolution in where, when, and even why we work has been taking place for decades. The new cover of Harvard Business Review features the ‘Work From Anywhere Future.’

The time to ride this tidal wave is now.

The next SHAPE of WORK Program starts April 5th, 2021.

What Is It?

THE SHAPE of WORK Program is a one-of-a-kind experience to help you discover meaning, find freedom, and do your very best work. …

I thought we all had one. It shows up for an impromptu fiesta when you’re unable to sleep. it warrants extended morning showers. It tells you to not swerve into oncoming traffic. It weasels and winds its way throughout your waking days.

Yes, I’m talking about the voice inside your head.

Some say that they have the best conversations with themselves on long drives. If you’re anything like me, it’s not just open roads that rouse the inner voice. My little chirper is having a ball of a time all the time.

Talking to Yourself

Inner speech as it’s formally known shows up…

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Founder, Facilitator, & Coach. Author of bestseller SHAPERS →

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