Become Fearless in Your Career with The Shape of Work Program⚡️

The last while has upended how we view work and ourselves.

What’s been revealed is that how, where, when, and even why we work has shifted. Cracked open.

Together with a dream team of coaches and facilitators, we’re supporting people to reinvent not only how they work, but who they are so they can step into the shoes of whom they’re becoming. This professional development program is personal. Because the two are really just one and the same :)

What’s a Shaper?

If you’re seeking to sync with a rhythm of life that lights you up, express your highest self, lead a deep and fulfilling work-life — then this program is for you.

What’s the SHAPE of WORK Program?

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to help you discover meaning, find freedom, and become fearless in your career.

It’s premised on bestselling book SHAPERS: Reinvent the Way You Work and Change the Future — and goes a whole lot deeper designed in collaboration with organizational consultant Sara Klaben Avrahami.

Over an 8-week sprint, you’ll join a community of shapers from all over the world with live-group sessions, videos, mediations, pod jams, coaching, invitations, and much more.

By the end, you will:

✔ Shift from having a job to a practice of work
✔ Get energized by what you do
✔ Address and silence those damn saboteurs
✔ Explore alternative career paths
✔ Unlock your own creative currency
✔ Cultivate deep and meaningful relationships
✔ Be Fearless in Your Career

These 5 themes we’ll dance with:

Time-wise we’re talking 90-minute live sessions on May 3rd, 13th, 24th, and June 3rd and 14th. The rest you can do in your own time when it suits you. As with most things you get what you put in :)

What’s the investment?

For the May cohort: The live sessions in which participants are encouraged to join but will also be recorded are as follows:

May 3rd, Kick-off: 10 am-12 pm.
May 13th, May 24th, June 3rd, June 14: 10 am-11:30 am

The cost is: $799 USD
(payment plans and concessions available)

Who’s the Delivery Team?

Jonas Altman. Author of Shapers · Founder · Curious Human
Alison Coward. Facilitator · Team Expert · Coach
Josh Greene. Co-founder at Groove · Coach · Creative Strategist
Naveed Akram. Co-founder at Vestd · Mediation Coach · Explorer
Sara Klaben Avrahami. Org Consultant · Remote Expert · Producer
Victoria Stoyanova. Designer · Community Builder · Culture Facilitator
Omer Kalderon. Entrepreneur · Artistic Director · Community Builder
Pamela Wise. Brand Strategist · Creative Producer · Storyteller

Who’s It For?

Anyone that wants to reconfigure how they work and reinvent themselves in the process.

Maybe you work inside an organization, run a company, or work for yourself. We are always in transition but perhaps now is the time you feel the need for change is more pronounced. And the truth is that anyone can become a shaper. All you need is desire, discipline, and community.

Here’s our first cohort of shapers out in the world taking their best steps forward.

Go on and book a chat with me and let’s explore the possibilities 🙌

Workologist, Coach & Catalyst. Author of bestseller SHAPERS →