Dear Mo

Musings on focus five years on…

Is there an App for that?

Headspace, Tomato Timer, MindZip, Blinkist, Pocket, Session Buddy — all have utility but won’t really do the trick in isolation. The hack, and the only one that really matters, I believe, is your rhythms and rituals.

Employing Kaizen

Kaizen is continuous improvement, it’s changing for the better. Now while I hope I’m doing this I’m well aware that I may be looping. I believe that I am stretching and growing but really I’m just nesting.

Walking Slow in Mexico

I got stuck in Mexico City. I thought I would feel like a wee ant, but I felt large. Maybe because there was a recent earthquake or maybe because it’s so hot — but man were people walking slow. Or maybe it’s just the culture, I guess I could dig deeper to find out. But what has this all have to do with focus anyways? It’s about peripheral vision.

Sacred Mornings

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