O.K. now that I got your attention I should add the caveat that I haven’t had a proper job in nearly 18 years. That’s another way of saying that the Friday Feeling feels a little different than I remember during employed life.

Living for the Weekend

Summer 2001. I remember this well. Friday at 3pmi-ish I’d get a surge of excitement for what’s to come — sun, surf, sangria, dancing, dog-walking, delicious tacos. There was serious mucking about. This was the California dream.

Working on the Weekend

Fall 2003. I had taken a £10,000 loan from Natwest (do not recommend that bank) and started my business. Not only did I work Weekends but I worked even harder than during the week. Except for the masses of people who weren't working and sipped lattes — weekends were largely indistinguishable from the workweek for me. I was a poor schmuck.

Loving Mondays

Summer 2009. After years of trying to run a business with the wrong partner, in the wrong industry, and in the wrong way– I burned the fuck out.

I went back to school to study design and to figure out where I went wrong. Or perhaps why I went wrong.

Turns out my workaholism was a container for my fear of failure. So I decided then and there that I would take Monday mornings for myself to do something I love and start working smart instead of stupid.

Dreading Fridays

Like you, I do love Fridays. There’s a sensation of rinsing off the week much like grabbing a shower after riding the Tube.

But I dread Fridays for one reason: I don’t have that same exhilarating Friday Feeling from back in the day.

While Fridays were once like falling in love each week — blood pumping, adrenaline zipping, the heart lost in the symphony…

…now they're more like a Tuesday date night.

I still dig Fridays, they just don't have lost a bit of their shimmer. And you know what, I’m OK with that because every day feels Friday-ish now.

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