I’m Going Down a Rabbit Hole Inside a Rabbit hole…

I started this article four years ago and today.

It’s June 1st (halfway through 2021 where time has bent, warped, and snapped back again) — -and it doesn’t even feel like it was me who wrote this. Nor that he was ever a president.

Actually when Trump was elected

I decided to pay attention to my attention and give it to those things that were worthy.

Instead of listening to someone call a would-be-first female president, “Such a Nasty Woman’ I put on Prince’s Vanity 6.

Instead of watching him who ha and flail around like a slithery predator. I put on David Addenbrough’s A Life on Our Planet.

Instead of consuming more of his debauchery, I took up tennis.

Instead of listening to more his cowardly threats, I watched Narcos Mexico.

Instead of clicking through the other dozen links, I had saved in this unwritten article — I ‘accidentally deleted them :)

And God, I feel so much better now.

As of today, I’m going to publish an article every day for 30 days. Your comments will help me keep going and so will your claps👏 Go on you know you want to…



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