I’m Not Languishing.

Or am I?

Countless people sent me this article about feeling blah. I wondered to myself, “Is this some kind of sly hint, do I need some help?”

Or perhaps it’s because I work with so many people who seem to be in such precarious positions and it was sent to me as something I could employ?

Maybe both?

Whichever way, I decided I much prefer to think of myself as dormant — I’m simply waiting to be ‘activated like some rose budding or robot being flicked on.

Attachment to an Outcome

The sun comes out. The vaccine rolls out. The soundtrack changes. I know that this may only be one place in the world —blessed as we are — but it’s impossible to deny the feeling that is oh so real. We were wintering well into the spring, and now, well, we are preparing to rave.

We’ve been experiencing mass mutual reliance. And this has given us an opportunity to share Post-Traumatic Growth. Those who have been able to cope and even thrive in the past 16 months managed to search, find, and make meaning in a crisis.

Then it dawned on me that this deep sense of interdependence — living real-time in a pandemic (languishing, dormant, suffering, spiraling, anxious, stressed, ) can bring us even closer together.

While it may not look or even feel that way, psychologically it’s what’s happened and still happening.

So I breathe. And I tell others to as well. One day at a time. Maybe there is a rave soon ahead. But maybe not. Either way, our relational intelligence, our collective resilience, and our ability to be human grow stronger each day.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a sea to go splash in.

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