Feels like Mexico up in this joint.

And I live in Canada.

Global Climate Emergency? You betcha.

The above is from a man who coined cyberspace, envisioned glassholes long before they existed, and whose latest book is about — you guessed it — a pandemic. If there is anyone we should be listening to it’s the genius that is William Gibson:

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed

When I bumped into Gibson in a local coffee shop he scared the bejesus out of me. Cranking his neck and staring deep into my eyes he made it plainly evident that we’re in a full-blown state of emergency. The virus as you’ve heard — is us.

Somewhere along the path to nirvana, we raped the sea of its life, stripped the land of its most precious resources, and dumped our waste anywhere we could get away with.

Our modern gilded age has resulted in rapid depletion of our planet’s biodiversity, warming the atmosphere beyond toastiness, and an untenable explosion in our population.

While icebergs are melting fast and furiously to our North, It’s so damn hot here I can’t even think. But I do know this: we can repair the world.

And the time to begin is right now.

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