Joyful Movements

Here are 5 activities that never fail to bring me joy:


The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was an incredible walker. Suffering terrible headaches that kept him bedridden — long walks became his remedy and solitude his solace.

We leave something behind when we go for a walk. Maybe it’s our mind we leave, or our worries, or our identity?

Something lays to rest where we were. And where we’re heading brings with it new surprises, novel wonders, and familiar places to rediscover. A bonus is that nearly all of my coaching calls I now do on the move. It affords more embodiment, reflection, and learning.

Running also gets an honorable mention but it’s a whole other kettle of fish.


Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than we humans. When they stick their head out the car window, air washes over them at a high speed — creating a delightful sensory overload. What a feeling this must be!

Likewise, cycling can be seen in a similar vein. I recall hearing that cycling makes you feel 70% happier as opposed to sitting in traffic behind the while. And yes, it does provide a lot more sensory pleasure.


I remember my first Shavasana. I was 17-years old and pretty sure I dozed off halfway through. This practice works for me because it forces me to breathe properly. The movements just happen to be what I’m doing to change up the rhythm of my breathing. Or so I like to think.

“If you can control the rising of the mind into ripples you will experience Yoga.” says the Patanjali. I may not experience this all the time — but when I do it is bliss.


If I could pick only one activity this would be it. There’s a reason why surfers go to extraordinary measures to chase waves. For starters, it’s a wholly immersive and meditative experience. There’s no room to be thinking about anything else but lining up, paddling in, popping up. I love snycing with the sea.


A relatively new addition, there’s a gratifying feeling when the ball hit’s that sweet spot in the racket. Tennis is a sport that gets better as you age. While my serve isn’t up to scratch, I’m only interested in long rallies, volleys, and working up a sweat.

I’m Jonas. A public thinker and coffee drinker. You can get my digest now in its 17th year right here.



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Jonas Altman

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