I’m sitting in my underwear. It’s hot outside and it’s 11:13 pm

I’m 21 days into my ‘habit’ of writing a post here daily.

I wasn’t expecting to go past 30 days but we’ll see. Never say never.

Tonight is just some external links from when I was obsessed with work (which thankfully has dissipated some).

Working on work. Coaching about careers. Thinking about workplaces. Researching, and writing about it was all getting a bit much. Not to mention all the yapping about work.

These links are some that got me thinking and eventually doing something:

And here are five links currently open on my tabs. Some I admit I’m still reading, percolating, and reflecting upon. Nonetheless, they might give you a sense of what I’m thinking about now:

Bar the ‘When work becomes religion’ link you can see where I’m going — where my head is at.

I’m always looking for things to write about, explore, and tease out. So if you have anything that either you’d like me to do more research on for you (whether you’re just lazy or want to see what I come up with — I don’t judge) simply leave some thoughts in the comments and I’ll get onto it this week.

And here’s to a happy Summer solstice. Let’s welcome in the new because my God — it’s about time.

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