Low Tides and Long Rides

Low tide is at 3:15 pm. This fact has dictated the rhythm of my days lately.

The surf works for only a few hours before low tide that’s when the wave chasers come out of the jungle to play in the sea. One smiley local with smothered in white sunblock all over his face blows his whistle after each ride. The first time I heard it I thought I was doing something wrong. Getting in the way of a fisherman perhaps? Then I realized it was simply his celebration. After some banter between us, he started blowing that whistle whenever a big set would roll in. We were psyched.

A dude from the bay area, a Brazilian transplant, some longboarders — it is good vibes only.

And then just like that, the wind changes. The tide’s nearly in. And it’s over. Back to shore for lunch and a siesta.

It’s a slice of paradise.

Even for just a time †

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