The first time the word cadence really struck me was at the local spin studio.

I was like, “Oh….like tempo — I see.”

It popped up again in coaching land when folks were talking about the time n between sessions.

Then riding my bike with a friend and I felt our pace as we climbed the hill.

And finally while running just now — then frantically sitting my butt down to write this with fingers tapping away — I see it as the rhythm that we sync to.

Making Space For Change

So here I am thinking about the cadence, tempo, pace, and rhythm — sensing they are interchangeable but also play a larger role in helping make space for positive change.

A coaching session in Canggu, Bali

So when a client next asks me how frequently we should have our sessions, I’m going to reply with, “Well…in coach-speak, we call this cadence, and really it’s about care.”

I’ll go on to share how if they really care about their growth then they should have a good sense of how often we should speak. And as the coach who might be indoctrinating them to the coaching world, — I’ll offer, “I care about your development, and a cadence of every X weeks is about right to start, what do you think?”

I’ll be sure to take a moment to breathe alongside my client as we feel the cadence of our breath.

Finding that natural rhythm of air flowing in and out we both can sense what feels good. And then commit.

Cadence = Care + Commitment

Can you dig it?

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